Apple’s desktop Mac lineup: A showcase of old technology

There are lots of things that Apple needs to fix, but one of the most glaring right now is the product line. Sure, we’re on the usual annual cycle of iPhone upgrades. We’ve seen new iPads in recent memory. But what about the Mac? The venerable computer that used to be Apple’s core product is now just an afterthought.

To be fair, the much-ballyhooed MacBook Pro with Touch Bar saw the light only a few months ago, but it’s pricey, underpowered, and connector-challenged.

What about the desktop? Where are new Macs? The iMac hasn’t been refreshed in 521 days. The Mac mini hasn’t seen any changes in 883 days. And the Mac Pro? Apple should be embarrassed selling a computer that hasn’t been changed in 1,184 days at the same price as when it was launched. That top-of-the-line Mac features three-year old technology at three-year old prices.

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6 thoughts on “Apple’s desktop Mac lineup: A showcase of old technology

  1. Kirk, you hit the nail on the head when you wrote that the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, released only a few months ago, is “pricey, underpowered, and connector-challenged.” You were also right to note that Apple has not lowered prices on its older desktops. Maybe it’s time for the Apple blogs and media to start covering Windows computers as well to show Apple that when vision, value and excellence go so does brand loyalty. Apple has gone from a company that earned brand loyalty with great products to a company that is exploiting brand loyalty to sell disappointing overpriced products. Steve Jobs has been gone for 5 years now. He’s irreplaceable.

  2. Time for Apple to outsource the desktop technology to a reliable company to build practical computers with easily reachable connector inputs. And, music producers and artists need more connectors: USB 3, Firewire, Thunderbolt, HDMI, high quality audio, Ethernet, s/pdif, optical, and card readers. I long for the old days of rectangular Macs with lots of hardware. Now Apple cares more about pretty than they do power.

  3. I hate that I can no longer use Apple devices to develop iOS apps because Apple’s machines are so slow. Prototyping on a Windows machine then rewriting into Swift is ridiculous.

  4. I hear young readers asking: What is a desk? What is a computer? Why would I want to tether my most useful and valued possession to that old wooden thing Mom gave us after Grandma died? 😉

  5. Hi Kirk,
    I really have to thank you for your article on (). I have been saying this for quite a while. Some other things are that buying a new Mac has become very expensive for some of us. The main Mac I am using now is a 2008 Mac Pro. I Have added Ram, SSD’s etc. This Mac still runs great and fulfills my needs. I also have a 2011 Macbook air and that still does what I need. Now I don’t need the power that some of the real power users are clamoring for, but I can’t see spending over $2000.00 (in some cases closer to $3000.00) for a Mac that can not be upgraded or repaired without a complete logic board replacement (i.e. The Macbook, or the Macbook Pro with Touch Bar). When I replace my Mac Pro it will be with a more recent model such as a 2012 Mac Pro. Everything in my 2008 (OK not Ram) can be installed in the 2012. Even if I buy a new monitor this will cost me much less than buying a new iMac and will give me the flexibility to add upgrades, replace a storage unit, or ram or video card should any of them go bad. After that I will have to see what Apple does. I should get a good 5 years or more out of a 2012 Mac Pro.

    I think Apple should stop worrying about new versions of macOS every year and concentrate on making new and more practical hardware. They really should make a tower that you can custom order with only what you need. You should be able to replace/upgrade your own ram storage units etc. I should start a a reasonable price say $999.00 or $1099.00 and go up from there depending one your needs. iMacs are way overpriced considering there is no user repair, or upgrades. OK the 27 inch allows ram upgrades but other things are way to involved.
    OK I am running too long with my 2 cents.
    and thanks again for the article,

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