Apple Shutting Down Beats Music? Of Course; They’ll Roll It into iTunes

Several sources are reporting today that Apple is planning to shut down Beats Music. This is part of Beats that Apple acquired recently for three gazillion dollars. Is this surprising? Of course not. Apple clearly has no interest in diluting their music brand. Beats was purchased to be rolled into iTunes, and we may even see this with the release of iTunes 12, which will be part of OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

I’ve long wanted iTunes to be a streaming service, where you could stream any music that’s sold in the iTunes Store:

What I’m suggesting, in essence, is that the wall between your music library and the entire iTunes Store library be torn down, for a fee.

It would make so much sense for Apple to do this, to no longer make a difference between what’s in your music library and what’s available to stream, and, with iTunes, they could accomplish this; something that others can’t do.

There’s no reason that Beats’ “human-curated” playlists wouldn’t be a part of such a service; there’s no rocket science behind them, they just take good personnel. We’ll see in a month or so when Yosemite and iTunes 12 launch.

Update: Apple has denied these rumors. For now. It still makes more sense for the streaming service to be iTunes branded.