Apple Revamps iTunes Store Power Search Feature

A few months ago, I pointed out a semi-secret way to search the iTunes Store using the hidden iTunes Store power search feature. This is a useful way to search the iTunes Store, because you can choose to search specific types of content, and search in specific tags, such as Artist, Actor, Author and more.

The iTunes Store power search had a foreboding look to it back then:


Apple has changed this interface recently, and it looks more welcoming now:


They’ve also gussied up the search results. I don’t have a screen shot to show how they looked before, but I’m sure they didn’t look quite like this:


So it seems clear that the iTunes Store power search is not going away. While it’s still hard to find – there’s no direct link to it from any iTunes Store pages – it looks like Apple has been cleaning it up a bit, perhaps with the intention of making it more visible in the future.

Doug Adams has updated his iTunes power search AppleScript to allow a search by kind.