Apple Now Providing Demo Version of Final Cut Pro X, Mac App Store Only App

Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X, the much-derided recent version of its video editing software, and is now offering a downloadable demo version. For an application sold only through the Mac App Store, this is certainly a Big Thing.

Many people – from users to developers – have complained about demo versions of apps not being available from the Mac App Store. Some developers offer demos on their sites, usually those who sell both directly and through the Mac App Store. But ideally, you should be able to download a demo from the Mac App Store, then choose a menu item to convert that demo into a full version of the software. I’m sure that many people hesitate about buying apps for this reason. While this isn’t an issue for apps that cost a dollar or two, there are many apps on the Mac App Store that cost a fair amount of cash. Demos would help users know if the apps do what they want, and would most likely increase sales.

The demo of Final Cut Pro X is available here.