App Review: Information Architects’ Writer Pro for OS X and iOS

write-pro-icon-osx-580-100228070-gallery.pngI’ve written about how iA Writer is one of the tools I use for writing, and when the company announced a new app, Writer Pro, I was curious. I recently reviewed the app, in both the OS X and iOS versions, for Macworld.

I was very disappointed by this app. I don’t understand the logic behind it. Here’s a company that made a wonderful minimal text editor, one of the best. But to create a new product, they went in the opposite direction, making something that is confusing at best, and that clashes with the way most writers work.

I won’t deny that some people like Writer Pro. In my review, I said that “Writer Pro is one of those love/hate apps,” and which side you’re on depends on how you work.

However, I do criticize the company for not providing a demo version of the OS X app. (Writer Pro is sold only on the Mac App Store.) This isn’t rocket science, and lots of developers do so. For a $20 app, I think a demo is essential. (To be fair, I remember the days of word processors that cost several hundred dollars…) I think any company releasing an app that contains a paradigm that users may not appreciate owes it to their users to provide a demo.

So go on and read my Macworld review.