App of the Week: Save Lots of Time Typing with TypeIt4Me

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I don’t remember when I first started using TypeIt4Me, but it goes back to at least Mac OS 9, which was more than a dozen years ago. I can’t imagine how much typing time it’s saved me over the years. (While the app shows statistics, for the number of keystrokes saved, and the amount of time, based on your typing speed, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed it several times in order to review other, similar apps.) But it’s one of those apps that I simply can’t live without.

TypeIt4Me uses a simple concept. You can create clippings, or bits of text, which are triggered when you type shortcuts. So to type my name, I just type kmc, and TypeIt4Me expands those letters into my name. Or, to write this article, since I knew I’d be typing the word TypeIt4Me many times, I set up a new clipping: I type t4 and have TypeIt4Me expand that abbreviation to its own name.


You can use TypeIt4Me to expand words, but also phrases (Sincerely yours,) paragraphs of boilerplate text, or even full pages of text. Need a few paragraphs of lorem ipsum text for a design mock-up? You could set up a number of TypeIt4Me abbreviations to insert different amounts of text.

I use TypeIt4Me a lot with HTML tags. I find them fastidious to type, and I can type an href tag with three keystrokes (hrf). Not only does that expand to <a href=””></a>, but it puts the contents of the clipboard between the quotes, then puts the cursor in the spot where I type the visible link text. Because you can use things like the clipboard, or the date or time, and insert them in any clipping; and you can put the cursor anywhere. For example, if I type ddt, TypeIt4Me expands that to the current date, in this format: August 30, 2013.

The sky is the limit with TypeIt4Me. This app can help you save time no matter what you type. Whether it’s a report, where you need to type some proper names or company names, or a novel, where you would rather not type your characters’ full names all the time, you’ll save a lot of time typing with TypeIt4Me.

Get TypeIt4Me from the Mac App Store for only $19.99.