App Notes: Tunelet iTunes Controller

tunelet.pngI came across a new iTunes controller today. The $1 Tunelet (50% off for a limited period), is like many other iTunes controllers that sit in your menubar. Its menu extra lets you display a window which offers play/pause, next and previous buttons, lets you rate the currently playing song, and lets you search for songs to play. There’s also an option to display the name of the currently playing song in the menubar, but I don’t really care for that; it takes up too much space in my already crowded menubar.

I couple of other features are useful. There’s a keyboard shortcut to display the window; for now, you can’t change it, but the developer told me he’ll be adding the ability to set a custom shortcut. (He’s also planning to add keyboard shortcuts for things like play/pause, next and previous.) And, if you click on the album art, the app sends you to the currently playing track in iTunes. This is the same as if you press Command-L in iTunes itself.

You can also swipe up/down or left/right when your cursor is hovering over either the menu extra or the text in the menubar (if that’s displayed) to change iTunes’ volume. This is a neat idea, but with the text display off, it’s too hard to get it to work correctly. Maybe if you could do the same thing when hovering over the window itself…

I’d like to see some tweaks to the app. I’d like to see the text at the bottom scroll. When I listen to classical music, some of the names or albums are longer than what can be displayed. I also think showing the entire album art in between the top and bottom sections might be nicer.

I’ve written about what I want in an iTunes controller, and when Tunelet adds keyboard shortcuts, it will be closer to what I want. For now, I’m using it on my Mac, and it’s a nice way to control iTunes. If you want a minimal iTunes controller, this is a buck well spent.