A Wearable Device for Meditators

I’ve been exploring wearable fitness trackers recently, and, in addition to the three devices I reviewed, I got a Nike+ Fuelband this week. With yesterday’s news that Nike is probably exiting the wearables market, most likely because Apple will be releasing an iWatch, the thought crossed my mind that there is a market for a wearable device for meditators.

Many meditators use smartphone apps – such as the excellent Insight Timer – to time and track their meditation, but one could do so much more with a wearable device. Instead of having to use a smartphone app, you could just press a button on the device to start a meditation session, then press another at the end. You could program the device to work as a timer; instead of the ubiquitous bells that smartphone apps use to signal the end of sessions, it would vibrate. And it could have a way to motivate you to meditate more, with vibrations to remind you that you haven’t sat for a while, as well as notifications on a smartphone.

It could also attribute points – let’s call them Karma Points – for your sessions. You could compete with friends to see who meditates the most, and participate in groups, just as you can with many of the existing fitness trackers. And, you can track every meditation session you do, even those brief InstaZen® sessions you do on the bus, while waiting in line at banks, and in traffic jams.

Sure, smart watches will provide such features, through third-party apps, but a slim, stylish device worn on the wrist – perhaps with a logo of your meditative tradition, or favorite Buddha – would be so much more fashionable. Such a device would be available in several colors: Zen black, Tibetan red, Hinayana saffron and others. The Nike+ Fuelband is already available in Zen black, and this gives you an idea of what a meditator’s wristband could look like (that guy’s got lots of karma points!):


Yes, a wearable meditation tracker would be great for those who sit and who are worried they’re not accumulating enough good karma. What better way to keep track of your progress toward enlightenment than to count those points for every meditation session you do!

(in case you didn’t get it, this post is meant as a bit of humor. Apparently some people think it’s serious.)