A Twitter Client Feature That Would Be Welcome: Category Filtering

images.jpegIf you use Twitter regularly (as I do: @mcelhearn), you’ll certainly find that, at times, the people you follow tweet about things that don’t interest you. For example, I’m not particularly interested in sports, and if I could block or muffle all tweets about football, baseball, cricket, etc., my Twitter feed would be much shorter.

Others tweet about politics, comics, movies, or even cats (guilty: I got a new kitten for Christmas, but I promise I won’t be tweeting many more cat photos; unless they’re really cute). You may find that, while you like what certain people – often friends or colleagues tweet about – that, at times, you’d rather not scroll through the tweets in certain categories.

So I’d welcome a Twitter client that can filter either by category or keyword. The technology exists; it’s used for content filtering apps, and, while it’s not perfect, it would be sufficient for most Twitter users. It’s possible that any Twitter client that offered such a feature would find lots of users; I’m sure many of us find that there are certain times when they just don’t need all the tweets about the latest game, election, storm or cat.