10,000,000 Apple Music Subscribers? Not So Fast…

Rumors suggest that Apple Music already has 10 million subscribers, according to “Inside sources at some of the major labels — who are bound by ironclad NDAs.” Really?

People are pointing out that this number is half what Spotify has as paying customers (20 million, out of a total of 75 million), but ignores the fact that Apple Music actually has no subscribers, only people using the service’s trial. I’m pretty sure you can’t start paying for Apple Music even if you want to.

10 million trial users is a good number, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that many people signed up for three months of free music. But it’s a meaningless number right now, at least until September 30, when paid subscriptions start being counted. (And that’s only for people who signed up on the first day.)

Given that more than 40% of iOS devices are running iOS 8.4, which is required for Apple Music, and gazillions of people have access to it via iTunes, the number might actually not be very high. I can’t imagine any serious music fan not signing up for the trial.

This said, it’s a large number of people who are now exposed to the concept of streaming music. We’ll have to wait and see how many of these Apple can convert to tithe-paying users after the trial. And then, of course, when Apple releases an Android app, we’ll see a larger pool of potential users…

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17 thoughts on “10,000,000 Apple Music Subscribers? Not So Fast…

  1. “I can’t imagine any serious music fan not signing up for the trial.”
    With all the negative press lately, in my opinion it’s *especially* the serious music fan that would hold off for the time being.

    • True, but that’s because of iCloud Music Library, not Apple Music. While they work together, you can use the latter without the former.

  2. Kirk, I disagree. I’m a very serious music fan with multiple iOS devices and I won’t even upgrade to 8.4. I want NOTHING to do with Apple Music. I’ll get iOS 9 when it comes out and I’ll have the Apple Music icon or whatever in my music, but that’s as far as it will go. I can’t be the only one so disgusted with Apple lately that I want nothing to do with their attempted takeovers of every form of media. Competition is a great thing. The way iTunes has been going, I’d leave it tomorrow for something else if anything decent existed. Apple can no longer be trusted to give us good software and clean upgrades.

    • I get being disappointed that some users are having issues and I expect better from Apple, but “disgusted”? What? do you think Apple intentionally caused problems in people’s music? Or do you just think Apple shouldn’t move with the times when it comes to music distribution. Maybe you buy the BS from the media (as spun via Spottify) that some how Apple is trying to kill off ad supported music.

      I’m happy to have another player in this market.

  3. Huh. I’m a “serious music fan” too (really, what is that? audiophiles only? oh please…) and I’ve been really happy with Apple Music. I already had iTunes Match, and 8.4/etc didn’t screw up any of my settings or music at all. Things have been just fine. Apple Music has been a lot of fun for me – playlists work between devices, i can add/delete tracks on a whim, listen to old stuff that I haven’t heard in years, and I love it.

    “I can’t be the only one so disgusted with Apple lately that I want nothing to do with their attempted takeovers of every form of media.”

    You’re welcome to go over to Google Play music then. *shrug*

  4. I have no intentions of subscribing to Apple Music as it uses only a lossy format. Bring on lossless and I might give it a whirl.

    • I’d be surprised if you are among the 1% that can tell the difference.
      Do a blind test, the report back here with the truth.

    • Meant to say “What happens to those of us left behind without the upgrade” . . . since the streaming music is working perfectly well as it is, and we’ve been very happy with performance, etc., with Apple Radio. Are they eliminating Apple Radio?

  5. ” I can’t imagine any serious music fan not signing up for the trial.”

    I actually didn’t. I’m paying about $25 for SiriusXM for the family, so I’m not going to get Apple Music. I’d rather not know what I’m missing.

    Interestingly though, I decided to not renew my Amazon Cloud music subscription and started subscribing to iTunes Match.

  6. I’m a serious music buff myself (not an audiophile, an audio snob, or someone who’d complain about lossy anything), but I can’t in good conscience sign up for a free trial for Apple Music, when the service I am a subscriber of, iTunes Match, has not worked right since I renewed in April. Why should I give more money into the Apple ecosystem when I’m dissatisfied over the one I’ve already paid for? Right now, as I type, I am waiting for one file to go from Waiting to Duplicate or some other category, just so the metadata will copy to another copy of the same file. It’s been a half-hour. For one song. Multiply that by 20,000, and that’s why Apple can go wormy for me until their services work as originally intended.

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