The Next Track, Episode #5 – Headphones or Speakers?

The Next Track Blue Flat Button2 400pxIn episode #5 of The Next Track, Doug Adams and Kirk McElhearn take a quick look at the new features coming to Apple Music, and then discuss how we listen to music with headphones and speakers. What’s the best kind of headphones? When should you use speakers? Why not use both (not at the same time, of course)?

Listen to The Next Track: Episode #5 – Headphones or Speakers?.

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4 thoughts on “The Next Track, Episode #5 – Headphones or Speakers?

  1. Typo, Kirk: First line of episode 5 overview: “In episode #4 of The Next Track, Doug Adams and Kirk McElhearn….”

  2. Nicely done on episode #5! Your discussion of speakers prompts me share a comment about wood. In 2002 I purchased a Tivoli Model One radio for about $200. The Model One has a wood housing (maybe walnut?). I still use it to play music from my iPhone (via the Aux In port on the back of the radio). And it still sounds great.

    I am not a high-end audiophile. I tend to purchase speakers in the $100-$200 price range. In recent years this has included Sonos Play1, Bose and UE Boom speakers. Nowadays, most small-size speakers have plastic housings. I guess it’s cheaper, and it allows a variety of shapes and designs to be produced. But to my ears, even though the newer speakers sound good. they do not sound better than the Tivoli Model One. I think the difference is the wood housing, and the resonance that wood provides.

    I’ve done some unscientific testing by placing the UE Boom on different surfaces: marble counter top, pine table, teak table, etc. IMHO it sounds better on a wood surface – the sound is richer. One vote for wood!

    • Great point. I love the Tivoli Audio stuff. I had one of their radio/speakers for years, until the battery died. I was actually thinking of getting one for my bedroom; since I moved, there’s no easy way to set up my amp and speakers given the layout of the bedroom. It’s nowhere near the same sound quality, but it’s pretty darn good.

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